StarCraft 2 3rd Person Adventure game (kinda short) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod 3rd Person Adventure game (kinda short)

3rd Person Adventure game (kinda short)

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Updated: Apr 25, 2010
Created: Apr 25, 2010

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As you enter this map u find yourself stranded in the forest this is a week after the humans a once trusted ally attacked your village for no given reason. u where separated from the chief and his royal gaurds he may be the only one still not captured or dead make your way through the humans camps and try to find the reasoning for the humans turning on you, also try to find the chief ( this is what wins the game soo fight the enemies before get to close to him :D)

W A S D = movement
Left click = slash attack (slighty bugged)
Right click= range attack ( HEAT SEACKING RAWR LOL)
middle click= Summon
all of these abilities have amounts they can be done before a recharge pierod is req, the ammount bars are at bottom, to reaload click the button of the empty value, bars UI some times bug and say u have 1 when u dont, dont worry it should reload in correct times :), GL HV


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