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starcraft 2 mod Abandonment (Campaign)

Abandonment (Campaign)

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Total Downloads: 1,156
Updated: Nov 5, 2014
Created: Feb 17, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Abandonment 01: Harbinger beta 5.56 MB Nov 5, 2014 - 711 download Abandonment (Campaign) Abandonment 01: Harbinger betaDownload
Abandonment 02 - Siege of Palmyra alpha 5.36 MB Aug 8, 2014 - 445 download Abandonment (Campaign) Abandonment 02 - Siege of Palmyra alphaDownload



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"Abandonment" is a part of the Custom Campaign Initiative. Check it out!

Abandonment is a Terran campaign set on Ixion-4, a planet on the fringes of Dominion space. The Umoja Protectorate has had designs on the planet since the Brood War, but the Dominion military has kept a strong presence and fended off various plots of secession. The resurgence of Kerrigan and the Swarm has seen a massive influx of refugees onto Ixion-4. Sympathy for the Dominion has reached an all time low. Low-level insurgencies are raging across the planet with tacit support from the Umojans. Mercenaries have been called in to shore up the defenses of the Dominion, but their loyalty is always in question. Abandonment follows a group of elite Dominion soldiers as they try to hold onto Ixion-4 for the Dominion.

Why make a Campaign?

Abandonment is my 1st attempt at making a Starcraft Campaign. I started with zero experience with programming, story-building and art/design. It has been an arduous task, but one filled with a lot of reward.


I am aiming for an 8 mission campaign:

  1. Harbinger (Beta)
  2. Siege of Palmyra (Alpha!)
  3. The Walking Dead (Planning)
  4. Breaking Up
  5. The Ground Beneath You
  6. Raid Night
  7. Rooftops aren't so Romantic
  8. Abandonment
  9. Campaign Launcher (Planning)


If you download my maps, please give me some feedback in the Abandonment Forum. If you find bugs, have story questions or just questions or critiques, please do tell!! I could really use all the help I can get! Don't hesitate even for the little stuff. Also, if you play other people's maps or campaigns, then please leave them feedback as well!



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