StarCraft 2 Approximation War (Proxy War 3) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Approximation War (Proxy War 3)

Approximation War (Proxy War 3)

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Total Downloads: 751
Updated: Feb 8, 2012
Created: Feb 8, 2012

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2/8/12 release 15.86 MB Feb 8, 2012 - 751 download Approximation War (Proxy War 3) 2/8/12 releaseDownload



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In this game your objective is to capture the ever moving hill area marked by a caution line and glowing area, You can Pick up items that heal you or upgrade your weapon.
– 200 proxy points to win
– Points can be gathered by owning a Hill( 3 every 4 seconds) or Killing a player for 2 points.

Minimap by: .Talon
Testing and Suggestions: EvilJason & AggronandPals

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