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Updated: Sep 21, 2010
Created: Sep 16, 2010

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Available on EU server.

2v2 melee map for competitive play.

Main and natural within a stronghold. 2nd expansion beyond blocked backdoor.
4 watchtowers on central highground offer vision to key areas on the battlefield.


There is less than abundant space in the main, but it´s easily defended so you can use more forces to expand.

/edit: Bases have been redone, so now there is plenty of room to build and no blocking issues at back door.
Base 2.0

2nd expansions are connected by a bridge blocked by destructible rocks.
Seize the XelNaga tower to spot incoming agression otherwise hidden by LOS blockers.
2nd expansion

High yield.
High yield

Central battlefield with ambush-prone LOS cage.

/edit: Replaced LOS cage with two LOS barriers:
New Center


1.6 Added a few decals (Terran tarmac) to enhance terran industrial feel

1.7 Added destructible rocks on high yield expansion

1.8 Fixed bug that disallowed spectators

2.0 Major overhaul of main base, less decoration at center (less lag 😉

2.1 Fixed minor pathing issues and removed a few doodads.

-Thanks to Rade01 for pointing out these issues.


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