StarCraft 2 Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA] 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA]

Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA]

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Total Downloads: 1,296
Updated: Aug 17, 2010
Created: Aug 15, 2010

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Backlit's FPS Engine v0.5 beta 187.64 KB Aug 17, 2010 - 844 download Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA] Backlit's FPS Engine v0.5 betaDownload
Backlit's FPS Engine v0.3 beta 153.54 KB Aug 16, 2010 - 188 download Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA] Backlit's FPS Engine v0.3 betaDownload
Backlit's FPS Engine v0.2 beta 138.07 KB Aug 15, 2010 - 264 download Backlit’s FPS Engine [BETA] Backlit's FPS Engine v0.2 betaDownload


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This is a beta of my FPS engine.



options menu: access through the letter o key to open/close it. Allows you to specify WASD or arrow keys for movement, and spacebar or left mouse button for shooting

preliminary vehicle shooting

Newly implemented pathing! And refined pathing in v0.5!

There's four weapon types:

Instant – makes the weapon effect appear at the trace collision point, whether unit or ground
Projectile – makes a projectile that flies to the trace collision point, whether unit or ground
AOE constant – used for flamethrower, basically adds all the units within the AoE to a unit group and then does the selected weapon damage
while the spacebar is held down it will cycle the firing mechanism, so that you continue to spray flames as long as space bar is down
Linear Constant – basically runs the projectile op a bunch of times. this is for autocannons, gatling guns, fully automatic weapons, etc.

Each weapon is defined by variables, so to change the range, just alter that one variable for that weapon.

damage is applied by a custom effect that has no graphics, because the traceline handles making the hit graphic appear

There are 4 actual weapons, one to exemplify each type of weapon operator. Rifle, which is instant, rockets, which are projectile, flamethrower, which is AoE constant, and autogun, which is linear constant

movement is with the arrow keys. It can be changed to wasd by hitting the letter 'O' key

this is a beta, meaning that while the vehicle system is there, it's not finished. you can get int and out of them, but the firing triggers aren't different for the vehicles yet, so weapons and vehicles don't work well together.

There's some stuff built into this to keep memory use down. example is the 'set camera bounds' trigger that moves the camera is off when theres no movement taking place, etc. basically turning off triggers that would be called but not complete due to conditions not being fulfilled.


vehicles shooting

enemy ai

FPS->TPS and back custom action is messy (camera wise)

multiplayer support (moot point till lag is fixed)

hp, ammo count, UI

but I figure it's decent right now so if the triggers in it help anybody out, coolio.


spacebar – shoot

arrow keys OR wasd – movement

letter O key – switch between arrow keys and WASD for movement

mouse – look around

period – cycle forward thru weps

comma – cycle back through weps

letter q key – release the mouse (no trigger to reverse this)

letter v key – get in/out vehicle

teal units are vehicles you can get into, white are non-hostile enemies. once AI is implemented there'll be red, which would be hostile. white units are just there so you can test the weapons on them.

if you want to put units other than marines, goliaths, tanks, or science vessels, you'll need to enter e height value for them in the global data bank first.

you'd do this: save real value . at string "unittypename" where . is the height value of the unit and "unittypename" is the exact string of the unit type's name, because the unit hit detector calls the value from the databank to see if it hits based on a string that is the potentially hit unit's type.

sorry the map is so plain. the idea is to get the guts of the engine working before anything else. there's terrain height and cliff changes to demonstrate the trace taking terrain height into account


wasd or arrows are forward/backward and side to side strafing. holding a strafing key while also holding a forward/backward key makes you strafe sideways while moving in the forward/backward direction. In other words you move at an angle when using a forward/backward key and a side to side strafe key.

same as above UNLESS YOURE IN A TANK. If you're in a tank, the side keys ceae to be strafing keys and instead turn your tank in whichever direction you choose. The idea is that then the mouse will turn the turret, but that's not coded for yet so in the meantime you can look with te mouse while using the keys to move and turn, but the turret doesn't change direction with the mouse look.

Steal the code and make it better!


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