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starcraft 2 mod Baneling Bust

Baneling Bust

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Total Downloads: 499
Updated: May 3, 2010
Created: May 3, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Baneling Bust beta 1.51 MB May 3, 2010 - 499 download Baneling Bust Baneling Bust betaDownload



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General Info

This is a multi-player map where the goal is to defeat the opposing players base with your banelings before they destroy your base.

The map in general is complete. Haven't had much luck testing the multi-player action of the map and finding any bugs that may occur there but might have to wait until blizzard decides to allow custom map play before that happends, since the current situation of multi-player maps is quite messy.

Any ideas on what to add/change/replace/remove are welcome and if someone knows a better work around for capping the spawned units then my current one of randomly killing units in the spawn area would be helpful.

Solo Play

If you want to test the map alone you will have to disable the trigger called 'Player Unavailable' which exists to disable un-available players or players that have left the game.


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