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Banning Game

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Updated: Apr 25, 2010
Created: Apr 25, 2010

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The Banning Game is a classic from Starcraft 1 and one of my favourite games of wit and betrayal.

The game is deceitfully simple, but full of Depth.

8 players spawn with a Marine (who can't shoot) and a Beacon. There is a path to each players beacon, but it only has room for one character to walk through. This means it's possible for players to trap you if you go into their beacon area.

It takes two players entering someones beacon to ban them, at which point they lose.

The last 3 standing win.

The game is an excellent mix of risk and reward. Is it worth attempting to ban someone when it means you can't protect your entrance? What if you get trapped? Can you outmaneuver?

Note: The game currently doesn't work as it requires at least 4 players to play, and the beta doesn't support custom maps yet. But as soon as it does, the map should work excellently.


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