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starcraft 2 mod Baroonda1.0


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Updated: Jul 5, 2010
Created: Jul 5, 2010

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Baroonda is a relatively basic 4 player map. There are 3bases per player with an additional high output expansion in the center. There is one entrance to the main and nat. Cliff climbing units can make use of a single secondary path in the side of the mains. Two paths lead to the 3rd gas expansion, one from the nat and the other from the middle. The gold expo in the center is in a crater, all units can enter and leave this normally, but vision inside or outside is cut off without additional vision. A vision blocking plant-line covers the path leading from the nat to the 3rd gas expansion. There is a xel naga watch tower by each water stream. Watching only one gives a limited field of vision of the opponent, but watching both essentially gives complete sight of enemy movement by land. All expansions have two geysers. The main has 8 blocks, the nats and 3rd gas expansions have 7 mineral blocks, and the central gold expansion has 8 blocks. The map is completely build-on-able.


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