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starcraft 2 mod Base of Goods

Base of Goods

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Updated: Dec 31, 2010
Created: Dec 30, 2010

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Clan Map.

A 1v1 map.
4 expo for each player, and 1 Gold.
With a lot of space.
Other Info look on the Pictures, they say much more then what I can explain.

Main and Expos

Main : Easy to Defend, 8 Mineral patches and 2 Gas.
Nat : Easy to defend, 7 Mineral patches and 2 Gas.
3th : Easy to defend, 8 Mineral patches and 2 Gas.
4th : HARD to defend, 8 Mineral Patches and 2 Gas.
Gold : Medium to Defend, 6 Gold Mineral Patches and 2 Rich Gas.

Easy: Can be block, near the Main or easy to get to.
Medium: Can't be blocked as easily, Abit of way from the Main, On high gruond with big ramp or half hard to get to.
Hard: Can't be blocked, on open space or Hard to get to.


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