StarCraft 2 Battlefield Starcraft Desert 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Battlefield Starcraft Desert

Battlefield Starcraft Desert

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Total Downloads: 522
Updated: May 25, 2010
Created: May 25, 2010

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Note: This map is already uploaded to the publishing feature and further updates will be uploaded as well, to play it will other people, create a custom game in SC2 and load the map. Currently, the person you play against is on your team but will still be your enemy.

This is a Starcraft Multiplayer Map that is Based on Battlefield. Spawn Infantry, Capture and hold control points to reduce team tickets/reinforcements. Also Killing enemy units will deplete your foes tickets.

Any Feedback  and suggestions on balancing or ideas to make it more fun please leave a post.

How to play:

– Capture the majority of the control points on the map to reduce your enemy's reinforcements

– Select Controlled Flag and Use "A" to spawn marauders and "M" to spawn marines, infantry units are capped at 25

– Tanks and banshees will re-spawn at main base after destroyed, they don't factor into infanty

– Tanks and infantry near a flag will cap it, air units cannot capture points

– A team or player wins when enemy's tickets are reduced to 0

Future Plans:
– Make more specific unit classes, marine = assault, marauder = anti tank/demolition, ghost = recon, make medic unit, etc.
– Adding more interface features such as a menu to select controlled points and click unit buttons to spawn infantry

* Make Classic Mode
– Making a classic melee version where standard play is used (building up a base, harvesting, etc.)
– Make players main structures built only in certain areas and indestructible so that main objective is to still capture control points and not destroy each others' bases
– Make all Races playable in this version because with standard play it should be pretty balanced


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