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Bio-Tech Company

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Total Downloads: 3,704
Updated: Aug 26, 2014
Created: May 19, 2012

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Ignos 03 release 5.22 MB Aug 26, 2014 - 1,250 download Bio-Tech Company Ignos 03 releaseDownload
BioTech HotS Missions release 7.84 MB Aug 26, 2014 - 697 download Bio-Tech Company BioTech HotS Missions releaseDownload
The Bio Tech Campaign release 41.57 MB Aug 26, 2014 - 1,167 download Bio-Tech Company The Bio Tech Campaign releaseDownload
HotS Hero Bar setup map beta 43.04 KB Nov 6, 2013 - 590 download Bio-Tech Company HotS Hero Bar setup map betaDownload



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April 16, 2016
There have been some reports about bugs introduced with the 3.0 patch.
I have tested the original 6 missions and mission 5 have serious graphical glitches.

Will try to fix asap.

Bio-Tech Company

What is this?

Bio-Tech Company is a singleplayer campaign for Starcraft 2.


On this campaign I tried to make interesting and innovative missions with detailed terrain. Some missions have a radical different playstyle then regular Starcraft2 while others are more classical build and destroy (but with some twists). On one mission I used alot of WoW assets, the rest do only use SC2 assets.

These missions was made between April 2012 and August 2013. I learnt alot during this year and a half and I have had alot of fun. Thanks to the SC2mapster community for all help I have recieved during this time.

The original Bio-Tech Campaign does NOT require HotS

Current status

A new version of the campaign are now available. Be sure to report bugs and impressions in the comment field.

I might make new updates if I recieve alot of bug reports or interesting ideas for improvement. However, the campaign played perfectly fine during my playthroughts so I don't expect bug reports to be numerous.


The Bio-Tech Campaign

This is the newest version of the Bio-Tech Campaign. The zip contains 6 missions and 2 mod-files.

Download The Bio-Tech Campaign

BioTech Missions (HotS)

These are two standalone missions in a discontinued BioTech campaign.

Download Mission 01 and Mission 02

Other Projects

The Ignos


The Ignos is a new protoss campaign I am working on. It will feature 5 missions in the first chapter, were 3 of them are available now.
The project page can be found here: The Ignos Campaign

One of the missions take place in a deep underground cavern. You can download that specific mission here, as a teaser.

Ignos Mission 03


Copy the SC2Mod files into the Mod folder in the Starcraft 2 folder
Copy the SC2Map files into the Map folder in the Starcraft 2 folder
Open up the map and press "test map" button.

The mission will then start


Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

HotS Mission 1

HotS Mission 2


My creative process rely very much on feedback. I have few pals who are into Starcraft2, so I need feedback from you who dowload these missions. It would be very helpful if you could write a few sentences about the mission you liked the most and mission you liked the least. Thanks to all who contribute.


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