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starcraft 2 mod Blood Pressure Marathon

Blood Pressure Marathon

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Total Downloads: 1,257
Updated: Jun 4, 2010
Created: May 30, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Blood Pressure Marathon v0.8 beta 73.76 KB Jun 4, 2010 - 653 download Blood Pressure Marathon Blood Pressure Marathon v0.8 betaDownload
Blood Pressure Marathon v0.7 beta 64.84 KB Jun 1, 2010 - 241 download Blood Pressure Marathon Blood Pressure Marathon v0.7 betaDownload
Blood Pressure Marathon v0.6 beta 56.02 KB May 30, 2010 - 363 download Blood Pressure Marathon Blood Pressure Marathon v0.6 betaDownload



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Based on the SC:BW map Blood Pressure Marathon, by Birth.BuzZ.

The objective is to be the first to complete 10 laps around the track. You begin as a zergling and receive a new unit every time you either get killed or complete a quarter of a lap. Unit stats are set to arbitrary values.

You have a limited number of resources to use on abilities (located on the right) that help you turn the tide. Ration them well; they'll need to last you the entire race. You wouldn't want to get stuck with an overlord with no way out now would you?

Despite the simplicity of the map, it is truly addicting and hilarious, though it may be frustrating at times. Whether a road filled with cannons awaits your MULE, or spawned Changelings smother your Infested Terran, you'll find it difficult to keep your blood pressure low while playing this map!

Latest Changes (v0.8)

Team Mode is now out!
Only one person needs to finish 10 laps to win it for the team. More teamwork is required to win. Will you pull ahead and go for the win? Will you fall back to harass the other team's primary racers? Or will you escort your own and make sure he gets the fastest units? Different roles will find different abilities handy, so use them wisely!

Note: Free For All is still available. You can only change modes through the Modes option before you open your game to the public.

[Kill Everyone] has been nerfed from 1 mineral to 1 mineral and 1 gas.
Hopefully "nuke" abuse will now be lowered to a tolerable level.

New Unit – Warp Prism
This hefty unit is impenetrable even to a Nuke when in Phasing Mode. Those baddies will think twice before wasting their time on you!

New Ability – Kill Obstacles (Costs 1 mineral)
[Kill Obstacles] will destroy all enemy non-racing units in your quarter-lap.
Smothered by impenetrable changelings, but don't want to give up your Hellion, or risk getting a much slower unit? Unable to bypass a cannon mass? This is the weapon for you.

New Ability – Spawn Infestor (Costs 2 gas)
[Spawn Infestor] will spawn a burrowed Infestor under your racing unit, under your control.
Although costly, an Infestor that isn't your racing unit can be quite the helpful tool for sniping down someone too far in the lead, and is especially useful in Team Mode. Fungal Spore can also be quite the helpful ability at times. The best part is, your enemies won't realize what's coming until it's too late!


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