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starcraft 2 mod Catalyst


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Total Downloads: 524
Updated: Aug 4, 2011
Created: Aug 20, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Catalyst r1.54 release 1.15 MB Aug 4, 2011 - 524 download Catalyst Catalyst r1.54 releaseDownload



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+ Liked Battleships from Warcraft 3? Then you will like this.
+ 114 items, 9 vehicles and 13 abilities. Choose items and abilities wisely to get the most out of your tank.
+ Drones. These secondary vehicles will automatically support you.
+ 5 classes of items. Weapons, drones, armour, shields and abilities.
+ AI profile system, allowing computer opponents and allies.

Plans for the Future
+ Insane amounts of customization.
+ Stat saving between matches.
+ Saving your vehicle and equipment. Major design change. Equipment will no longer be earned mid match.
+ 48 different kinds of weapon, drone, shield and armour items.
+ Vehicle abilities. 2 per vehicle.
+ More vehicles.
+ More purchasable abilities.

Design Goals
+ New players can pick up and play without needless amounts of confusion. Everything must be clear and obvious.
+ Insane amounts of customisation options for your vehicle.
+ Matches will last around 20 minutes each.

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