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Cat’n’Mouse Fights

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Total Downloads: 9,521
Updated: Mar 17, 2011
Created: Feb 23, 2011

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Cat'n'Mouse Fights v 2011march17 release 6.30 MB Mar 17, 2011 - 8,599 download Cat’n’Mouse Fights Cat'n'Mouse Fights v 2011march17 releaseDownload
Cat'n'Mouse Fights 1march 2011 release 5.16 MB Feb 28, 2011 - 922 download Cat’n’Mouse Fights Cat'n'Mouse Fights 1march 2011 releaseDownload



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Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University.

Main Information

Map consists of 3 different modes:

– classic Cats Vs Mouse

– Mice (players) Vs Cpu controled Cat-Droids

– Cat-Hero Defence (just like Enfo's)

Classic gameplay isn't new for those players who played Cat Catchs Mouse at Warcraft3.

The goal of cats is killng all the mice. Cats grow up in levels, learn new deadly skills for hunting. Also they can build base and recruit different units for help. For example WallBreaker or MegaBaneling can destroy mouse walls etc… At finally cats can buy trap and devices for making their life easier (mines, armors, weapons etc..)

The goal of mice is running, hiding and building safe base surrounded by walls. Then they harvest some minerals and recruit units for fighting cats. They can help each other in case of death. Just go to map center and destroy mouse grave (now it is flag) to revive your friend. They win if all the cats are dead. Alternative way to victory is eating big cheese in map center.

Open Project.

This map isn't my own idea. The original author made Cat Catchs Mouse in Warcraft 3 and i just have remade it for Sc2. So this map is property of public. Feel free to use it as you wish.


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