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Charred Remains

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Updated: Jul 6, 2010
Created: Jul 6, 2010

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Still working on this, this is the basic terrain to test balance and other properties. I feel that currently, all matchups on this map in all scenarios should be aggressive, we each player starts relatively slow, and then builds up to the middle, where every battle is fought to only gain a few inches on your opponent. Currently trying to assess mech abilities on this map because turtling Terrans could decimate other players because of the high ground in the middle and the choke points.

-Terran Concerns: Very easy to turtle and mech up and eventually steamroll opponent at 200/200. Bio may have difficulty because of limited options in terms of mobility.

-Zerg Concerns: Difficulty taking and keeping the second expo. Armies could fall easily with well placed storms and tanks.

-Toss Concerns: Toss may be imba on this map because of their forcefields to separate armies at chokes. Storms could also be abused to push armies back because, literally, there is only one way out of a storm, backwards.


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