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Chrono Agents

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Total Downloads: 2,221
Updated: Nov 29, 2010
Created: Nov 14, 2010

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Chrono Agents v1.9 release 8.63 MB Nov 29, 2010 - 2,221 download Chrono Agents Chrono Agents v1.9 releaseDownload



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The fierce bio-mechanical race known as Bioroid has invaded the Chrono Homeworld of Cyan. The only way to save the Planet now is for the Chrono Agents to travel back in time to prevent the Bioroid from ever Being created. That will prove to be a difficult task and things will turn out to not be all black and white when the truth is revealed.

Fight alongside 4 Allies to save your home Planet from its doom.
Players will get to choose between 6 Agents with unique Abilities and have to make quick decisions and work together in order to succed. Masses of Enemies with unqiue abilities will stand in your way. A number of skills and equippment will be saved from game to game to give you the little edge it might need to beat the challenge.

This is the first map in a series of maps soon to come that will unfold a packing story and gameplay experience.


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