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starcraft 2 mod Civilization : Zero State

Civilization : Zero State

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Updated: Aug 2, 2013
Created: Jul 26, 2013

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Civilization : Zero State is made heavily based on sc1 diplomacy and civilization maps, attempting to capture what many sc2 versions did not.

This map is currently in beta testing, the large majority of it is done but unit stats are not balanced, there are possibly a few bugs or issues I have overlooked as well, if you play this map please report any suggestions or bug fixes here.

I'm always open to suggestions to make this map look, feel, and play better.


  • 5 Native difficulties (No Natives, Natives Age +0 to +3, Natives do not attack bases, so this mostly affects the game length of capturing Outposts)
  • Native units upgrade age based on the difficulty whenever the first player reaches each new Age
  • 10 Nations (2 Unique Units per Nation, All Random can be chosen on top of picking a Nation which will randomize all Nation picks)
  • 7 Ages which offer new units, upgrades, monuments, governments each advancement
  • 5 Wonders (one per player, first come first serve)
  • Wonders: The Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Logistics Network, Manhattan Project, Cure For Cancer
  • 5 Governments: Anarchy (Default), Dictatorship, Monarchy, Democracy, Technocracy
  • You can switch government by constructing the associated Government Building
  • Civil Disorder based on Population, Revolutions and Disaster Tokens gained if Disorder reaches 80-100%
  • Monuments which reduce Civil Disorder
  • Loyalty Monument is the control panel for using Disaster Tokens to strike other Nations with Disasters
  • Disasters: Faith in the Unknown, Plague, Locusts, Genocide, Nuclear Strike
  • Market monument allows you to trade Gold for Oil, and Oil for Gold in bulk amounts
  • 51 Outposts which can be captured for Gold income
  • 16 Oil Wells for Oil income and gathering Oil
  • Numerous Gold Mines which Gold can be gathered from as well
  • Unit upgrades up to 100 armor/weapons (with max upgrades all units Age 1 to 7 have competitive stats)


  • Banks that store games played/stats/possible achievements
  • Terrain changes/improvements

How to play:

Pick Natives (Determines game length)

Pick Nation (Determines location, and unique units)(All Random requires 1/2 of players to vote for it before all Nations are picked)

After everyone has picked players will start their conquest with a single worker, and 4 hunters, you can choose to build farms, hunt Bears and Pheasants for pelts and Oil, attempt to be the first and build The Pyramids which provides benefits to your Farms, immediately start working on setting up your Population and Government, or start building a military of hunters to capture Outposts.

There are countless ways to play the map, and a few hidden tricks similar to the original ones in Civilization World (Hint: Spine Crawlers), conquer all Nations or create a major alliance!

Known Issues List:

  • Banks are a work in progress and not fully functional yet

If your issue isn't listed, or even if it is report it in comment or PM so I can try to determine a cause, thanks.
Also, willing to consider custom Wonders/Disaster suggestions, if anyone has any good ideas on more of these.


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