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Dark Temple

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Updated: Jun 28, 2010
Created: Jun 28, 2010

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My first Starcraft II map! 1v1 Melee Map with a long run distance to your enemy. Rocks opens up shorter distances and its very short by air.
Made alot of LoS Blockers and special terrain features around the map, like holes around high ground, making reapers unable to jump up. Also made 2 extra gas in your base to grap as the game goes on, and make it easyer to tech up while turtling. Made a small area in your main base, that allows stalkers to blink to the other side! The watch tower in the middle are a must control! It provides some small info on your enemy base, and watches over the main path to attack your enemy. The high yield have 5 entraces, each blocked by destructeable rocks. The 3rd expo have 2 main entrances, and a backdoor blocked by rocks. Theres also a watch tower in the 3rd, giving information over the high yield, or warns incomming attacks.

Sorry for my spelling, hope it wasent too bad.
Please leave any feedback on the map.

Lots of screenshots in the Image Page!


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