StarCraft 2 Delphinium and NanaKey’s Models 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Delphinium and NanaKey’s Models

Delphinium and NanaKey’s Models

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Total Downloads: 1,721
Updated: May 14, 2013
Created: May 14, 2013

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In this mod, we collected a part of effects models which we created for our current project and also some old units I created long time ago. I get a lot of fun and help from SC2mapster, so it is time to share which we have.

If you use this models plz do me a favor. Show me some pictures of them in your game, that will be very helpful to fix the errors and improve the techologies for our new models. Also if you find any bugs, deficiencies or new models you need, plz PM or reply me.
If you think this mod is useful, add the Delphinium and NanaKey in your credits. Both of us come from China, it is our pleasure if you like and use our models, best wishes.

We added a list here:

Spaceships (Amethyst, Garnet, Clematis)
Underwater Effects (Waves and bubbles)

UI models

  • Display (Player chosen, minimap, weapon chosen, life point, special cards)
  • blood on the screen
  • Timer (60s)
  • Word on fire (standard, billboard, with camera)

Particles & Ribbons

  • Fireworks (Fireworks with/without words in it)
  • Lightsaber (standard, teamcolored)
  • Bubbles (with/without gravity simulation)
  • Cloud
  • Bilzzard
  • Hybird Wing
  • Lightning attack
  • Star walls
  • Warp (like recall in SC1)
  • Peace Tree's death (like KongFu Panda)
  • Sleep
  • Shield Blast

Weapons from WOW

  • Over 20 Axes & Swords


  • Platform
  • skybox
  • wing (Left/Right)
  • Magic cycles
  • Marine Mike Morhaime
  • A girl in the life support system (well that's a long story)
  • Jellfish (From WOW)


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