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starcraft 2 mod Destructible Bridge

Destructible Bridge

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Total Downloads: 520
Updated: Sep 6, 2010
Created: Sep 5, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Bridge V.02 beta 36.24 KB Sep 6, 2010 - 356 download Destructible Bridge Bridge V.02 betaDownload
Destructible Bridge beta 32.74 KB Sep 5, 2010 - 164 download Destructible Bridge Destructible Bridge betaDownload


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A bridge that can be destroyed piece by piece is the idea behind this. While I have only made it walk on able and destroyable by aoe spells it will have side pieces to stop units from just walking off the side of the bridge. This bridge will mess with air units atm as well ( My map has no air, so I just now thought of this as I typed it out. Xd ). This bridge still has a few clinks here and there as it is beta. For instance unless you use a top down view you will have a little trouble clicking on your units to go on the bridge. (Since you're clicking below the bridge and not on it). Same with casting aoe spells. I think I saw a post about someone having a glitch from something and it made his aoe spells cast in the air, so I think I can fix the aoe issue. I can possibly fix the move on click with math as well. Another issue that I know of, and wont be fixing in the test map, is the fact that I used marauder and didn't copy all the things I should of before replacing his models and what not. Any issues and such should be posted below. =D

I can't post videos on youtube for some reason so I can't upload a video of the map, so anybody who wants to, please feel free too. I may upload a few pictues in a few tho.


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