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Diablo Attribute System

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Okay here is something I know some people have been wanting a Diablo like attribute system. IE every level you gain 5 attribute points which can be put into any attribute your hero has.

How to view: just open up the map and then click on the hero notice the skill give 100 exp and click once or twice and gain a couple levels. (there is a very basic dialog box which will show you how many attribute points you have at your disposal on your screen.) Then click the Inventory labeled Attributes. This will bring up a small inventory with all available attributes your hero has and you may click on them to apply your attribute points.
It's a very limited system but it works perfectly.

Some general notes: This system could be replicated and put into the command card or into a complete custom UI dialog box (via triggers). However we chose to use the Inventory system blizzard provided as a makeshift UI option. Doing it this way not only saved us some time but also gave us a way around the Command Card issues with Sub-menus. However like I said you could easily take a lot of what we have done and then diverge into making your own choice on how to visualize this system. If you have any questions either post them here or PM me. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy.

Feel free to credit us if you take this exact system, but at the same time its pretty generalized (I put it in public domain after all) and there are a bunch of different ways to do what our team has done so if you don't credit us we won't be hurt.

Here is a video of the system for those who just want a look


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