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Updated: Feb 17, 2011
Created: Feb 7, 2011

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Diplomap is an original production created by myself, DocM (You can call me Doc).

If anyone is familiar with Warcraft 3 custom Diplomacy, I tried to emulate Europa in many ways in order to bring that same feeling back to Starcraft 2.
You gain control points in order to gain income and supply.

Each faction has its own unique starting situation and strategy. In the next update there will be special units for each faction. There are twelve players possible in a full house.

The current unit system uses three tiers, which I have attempted to create without any unit redundancy, along with various special units.
Most people who are interested in diplomacy already know how it works so I won’t go too far into specifics; the screenshots I have provided should give an idea as to how the alliance interface works and the quality of the terrain.

To find and play this map just search Diplomap in the create custom games list.
For more on the Diplomacy community, or anything relating to Diplomap, go to here:

Right now I lack the manpower needed to test this map properly, and I am afraid the diplomacy community is too weak to provide players right now. So I humbly request that anyone interested in diplomacy, anyone interested in developing the diplomacy community, or just the curious, send me a PM or message me in game so we can get out and play this thing.
Sincerely, DocM.811.


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