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Dragon Hunters

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Updated: Jul 11, 2016
Created: Jul 11, 2016

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The King has hired two teams of Dragon Hunters to help him save his land.
To prove your team is better, you have to eliminate the enemy team.
Killing enough dragons will award you with a golem, and you also get a buff and gold for each dragon slain.

A fun, yet brutal game

It's really easy to snowball right now and that's how I like it.
The game is pretty fast paced and killing dragons is very rewarding.


Click me baby, one more time…
There are all types of dragons, each one gives a different buff to the unit that kills it and team gold.
Nice eh?
A one-on-one bosses fight. You get the golem by slaying enough dragons.
You can take-over gold mines to get gold over time. It's like an income. It's pretty op if you ask me.
A village that was once the heart of all trading on the continent, now burned down by bandits.
You can recruit night-elves here.
The dead come back to the living here, the King knows well enough to stay as far away as he can from this place.
One of the recruitable dragons hides there, in the darkness.
A spawn of light that can be recruited by killing it's egg. It's basically immortal and it's really powerful, just don't let the egg go undefended when it's by your side.
This is how you purchase a recruitment camp. In the start of the game you have to do that in order to begin.
You can take over camps by killing them. After that they will spawn units for you.
A race that was once allied with the Night Elves, still is, but no longer wishes to engage in wars. They've developed defensive tactics to defend themselves from the rest of the world. You can use their units as fortifications.
They rebel against the king and their main wish is to destroy his kingdom. Yet they will fight for any cause if you have the coin.
This is how it all started.



Now this, this is my pride and joy.
I'm using formulas to balance all the units so that no unit is weaker than the other if they are priced the same.
Currently my formula is lacking something (won't tell you what it is), but the slight off-balance should go unnoticed.
I am working on a better one.
Once I am finished I will release it for public use, of course under the condition that I am credited.
I'm an engineer and I've studied and continue to study loads of math, which is why I trust my formulas to be bulletproof (at least one day).

The map is unlocked

To be honest I'd lock it but I didn't find an easy way to do so, and also I remember when I was a kid I used to learn mainly by understanding how unlocked maps actually work. So I want to give other people the same chance.
If you decide to upgrade, make changes, and etc, make sure they are big enough to make a good difference before releasing.
I'd really want some credits in it, and don't forget to add the people I've credited that have provided me with things I've used in the map.
I didn't give credits when I was a kid, it never crossed my mind actually. Don't be like me. Like the monster I was!
You know, come to think of it, I really should have locked the map as it has a leaderboard.
I guess I will trust you guys with it, for now.


I want to thank Renee for her Warcraft 3 mod. Seriously, she's awesome, she helped me so often when I had problems with her mod and it was often an easy fix or something she instantly took care of.

I'd like to credit Machinima Sound for the audio track "Machinima Sound – Escape from the Temple", you can check out their work at , those guys are great at making music.

Also David Nalee for the Abaddon font.

Beta Testers:

Of course, Blizzard Entertainment.

And the wonderful sc2mapster community for letting me be part of it and upload my project.

You can find the map on every server currently, only localized in enUS

It's my first upload here. I don't really know what I'm doing so be gentle.
I love criticism – Good, bad, rude, I don't care, all kinds of criticism gives me some information,
so I can understand how my map made you guys feel and what you think about it.
You can contact me at

Have fun!


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