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starcraft 2 mod Dynamic Listbox/Dropdown Libary

Dynamic Listbox/Dropdown Libary

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Updated: Jun 13, 2010
Created: Jun 13, 2010

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Listboxes and Dropdowns are a great addtion to any dialog GUI in stracraft 2. However there is some blizzard limitations on lists. The idea and point behind this libary is to allow the user to dyanmicly create, modify, remove, even move around single items in each listbox/dropdown at will in real-time. In essance all the triggering and functions and actions required have been done for you and is avalible for your use.

Included is the libary file, you should import this into your map for use. Also included is a test map witch was used for testing out the libary and also provides a basic example of how it functions. So what diffrent here, you will create your listboxs and dropdowns as you always have in the GUI for your dialog and saving it to a varible. But instead of using the blizzard functions to add items to your listbox/dropdown you will simply use the associate action to conect your listbox/dropdown dialog varible to a specifc list you want to use.

So whats the limits? By default you can have upto 25 lists, and each list can hold upto 100 items. And since its a custom libary you can update it to your needs if you are comfertable doing so. Thats really it. It has been tested and shown to work on listboxs in real time, the test map included shows this and you can see it in action in this youtube video:

  • Dyanmicly and at will, add, remove, modify and move specific list items
  • Fuctions included to return the speficic item selected automaticly
  • Each item stroes two peices of information: A Unquie ID (so it can be identifyied, note the unquieness is only limted to the list!) and the Text the acutal display that is shown for the item on the listbox/dropdown.

A basic how-to is included in the libary information folder, as well as a quick refrence for all the varibles, functions and custom action defintions included in the libary. Please post any questions, ideas, concerns, problems, or errors ethier via ticket, or the forum post here I hope you find this libary usefull!

(If you do not know how to include a libary in a map please overlook the tutorials forums/wiki list for more information)


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