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Emerald Station

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Updated: Aug 11, 2010
Created: Aug 11, 2010

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A large military facility constructed by Terran settlers, the Emerald Station rises up from the ocean on a planet abandoned by the Protoss long ago. Players spawn in the corners of the map, with easily held natural expansions nearby.


The map size is 'Large'. The tileset is a mixture of Korhal (the city-esque tileset used in Metalopolis) and Monlyth (the blue-ish moon tileset). The pictures presented here do not do the map justice; the colors are different from what it is in game, where it looks better and not as gray.

Here is an overview with some features highlighted:

Here is a closer look at the natural expansion of the top right player:
Natural Expansion

Here is a closer look at the Xel'Naga watchtower in the middle, left of the center bridge:
Xel'Naga Watchtower

Here's a closeup of some doodad work, the whole map is filled with pretty intricate details:

The map should be generally balanced for all races. Hope you enjoy it, let me know. 🙂


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