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Hero Survival J

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Updated: Apr 22, 2017
Created: May 23, 2015

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UPDATE: 4/22/2017
Hello im Joey the creator (joey101d, joey101937, joey)

Firstly i would like to apologize for the current state of the endgame, i started this poject back in senior year of highschool and now am in my second year of university. Unfortunately things in my life have changed and i simply do not have the time to dedicate to continue working on this game. With that said, i would like to give the game the proper ending it deserves. while no new heros will be added for the forseeable future, i would like to add a final boss to give the map the ending it deserves. i have also made available the data assets and terrain as well as a txt of most of the big changes i made (from melee) so anyone out there may use it to make their own maps using what i have made.

if anyone is a fan of the game out there and knows how to use the sc2 editor to a sufficient degree i would be more than happy to let you on board this one-man team to assist with the final boss and waves. You would of course be given credit.


To the rest of my fans, thank you for playing, i never imagined i would make a game even marginally successful, you guys playing and getting it to the front page made all my time working on this game worth it.




5 player coop hero survival.


I occationally steam the game at

my first stream was not archived unfortunately because I didn't know how, but I hope I can save all coming broadcasts for you guys to see what its like ^_^

each hero has a passive trait and 4 unique active abilities that have 4 upgrade stages. one of these abilities is an "ult" and one passive ability. (QWER style)
players must work together to use their hero's strengths and weaknesses to support one another.

players gain resources by killing enemy units, which attack in waves. the ultimate ability can only be unlocked with minerals, this resource is only gained upon completion of a boss wave. these resources can be redeemed to either upgrade/unlock their active abilities, upgrade their stats, or unlock their "special" upgrade, a very expensive but powerful upgrade that greatly increases a hero's power.

At the time of writing this, there are 11 heros implemented with more on the way.

1. Fungal Abomination (utility caster)
2. Brood Mother (Caster,  Spawner)
3. Scorpalisk (melee warrior)
4. Spectre (Ranged DPS, DPScaster)
5. Combat SCV (base builder)
6. Executor (Caster, Summoner)
7. Guardian (support caster)
8. Orb Caster (close ranged mage, AoE Specialist)
9. Iron Bat (Spawner/ Enemy Suppression)
10. Noxious Ultralisk (tank/ warrior)
11. Tenebris (Stealth, DPS Caster)

atm there is too much to write if I was to describe all of their abilities/ upgrades, so ill just have a general overview of typical role. may add that info later.
right now, the map is published on NA servers and is still being developed/ patched

currently, there are 23 waves, 4 of which are boss waves (7,12,18,22)



1. Fortress Roach:
SUMMARY: Tanky melee boss that comes in groups of 4. periodically spawns roaches and banelings. has a deadly ranged attack that targets heros that are far away.
A. Lava Spurt- Ranged attack that deals 200 damage to target. only targets heros. minimum range of 9..
B Spawn banelings- spawns 3 banelings around roach that detonate almost instantly.
C.Spawn roaches- spawns 2 roaches with timed life.
D. Charge: Gain temporary movement speed bonus while approaching melee combat.


SUMMARY: Extremely durable ranged boss. starts with 10 siege tanks as support. periodically spawns hell bats, uses 250mm cannons and casts seeker missiles.
A. 250mm Cannons- stuns a hero and deals high damage over time. cannot attack regularly while using
B. Seeker Missile- launches a seeker missile at a hero. deals 150 damage if it hits.
C. Spawn Hellbats- spawns 3 hellbats with timed life.


SUMMARY: Extremely dangerous in melee combat- her basic attacks deal massive damage capable of killing some heros in one shot. she has no ranged basic attack. Her only active ability is Neural Parasite, which deals damage to target and has them attack other heros for duration. their attacks under this effect are more powerful than the the hero is usually capable of. at the end of neural parasite's duration, waves of mutalisks and ultralisk come from enemy spawn loctaions. When Kerrigan drops below 10,000 life, her "Nydus" even happens
A. Neural parasite: deals 150 damage to target and takes control of that hero for a duration. at the end of the ability, waves of mutalisks and ultralisks spawn at enemy spawn loactions
B. Charge: gain temporary attack speed bonus while approaching melee combat.
C. Nydus Event: Automatically activates when kerrigan drops below 10,000 hp. this spawns waves of evolved zerglings from all sides and nydus worms appear in each spawn location. killing there nydus worms is how you win the event. During this time, kerigan is teleported to the bottom left of the map, out of combat where she is unable to be damaged but also unable to combat the players, who must destroy the nydus worms. at the end of the event, she is teleported back to the battlefield and resumes combat.



SUMMARY: Extremely tough but immobile boss; invulnerable unless all lesser worms are defeated. capable of calling more lesser worms (that can be intercepted by the heros) and calling down drop pods. Strong, ranged AoE attack

A. Summon lesser worms: periodically, "tunnel entrances" will spawn in fixed locations surrounding the main Ashe worm. if the tunnels survive for long enough, they will transform into tunneling worms, making the boss invulnerable again until defeated

B. Drop Pods: periodically, the ashe worm will call down pods at a hero location. if the hero does not evade the pod (there is a red alert marker) then they will take significant armor-piercing damage. pods spawn enemies on impact.


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