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Hero Testing

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Updated: Oct 29, 2012
Created: Oct 29, 2012

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Hero Test

This map was originally intended to support my project Link to the Future

I've gradually transitioned away from the Zelda theme. The new Hero is called Beam.

Camera: Third Person

Players: 1 (+)

  1. I'm planning to add a second support Hero with the Nova model.


Move: Left-Click

Attack: Right-Click

Ability Panel: R

  1. While the Ability Panel is open, press 1-4, and then Left-Click an ability to set the ability in that slot. To use abilities, target an enemy and press the corresponding key.

Dash: W

Flashlight: F

Stop: S

Interact: G

  1. In the current version, you can interact with the two structures near the spawn location. One building allows you to heal (and the game saves when you heal). The other building is a shop. You can buy Health Potions and Mana Potions.

Activate Potions: A, D (Health and Mana, respectively).

Targeting (cycle-able): Tab

Battle States

Defensive: Z

  1. Reduces damage

Haste: X

  1. Increases movement speed

Rage: C

  1. Increases melee damage


  1. There are a lot of credits for this map. I'll be looking up relevant tutorials and mappers. The tutorials of ProzaicMuse, OneTwoSC, and works by Kueken531 were invaluable in the creation of this map. I also watched Beider's video tutorials. The Array and Functions Tutorial was very useful. There was another upload of a Hero Selection function by something like "GreatfulDead" or "ZombieApocalypse" that I used to develop the ability selection panel.


  1. This map is still far from complete. Almost all the work on this map is about 2 years old. Unfortunately that means there are a lot of bugs (and perhaps some sabotageCORAMOOR!…). Anyway, there are bugs with the spell graphics that involve beams (Chain Lightning, Beam). I'm still working to solve some issues with the Knights ability (affected by a reduction in unit turn speed). There are also bugs with the Dialogs including some text not displaying, like in the ability selection panel top-right; and error messages appear when interacting with some windows (shop items).


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