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starcraft 2 mod Honorgarde Valley

Honorgarde Valley

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Total Downloads: 721
Updated: Dec 4, 2013
Created: Feb 1, 2012

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Undead Textures release 8.91 MB Dec 4, 2013 - 428 download Honorgarde Valley Undead Textures releaseDownload
Otixa release 146.37 KB Dec 26, 2012 - 293 download Honorgarde Valley Otixa releaseDownload



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Check the images tab for plenty of screen shots.

Known Bugs

  • -Staying in the lobby for too long will cause players to get dropped (fixed).


  • – Added Human UI textures and Layouts.
  • – Added Basic Item system.
  • – Fixed several bugs.

To do List

  • -Add Undead, Horde, and Elves (horde nearing completion)
  • -Add Death Animations to Buildings
  • -Add Attachment points to show fire on buildings
  • -Update models that are out of date
  • -Balance units and upgrades.
  • -Add upgrades for specific units and buildings
  • -Add more Heroes and Hero abilities.
  • -Add onto basic items.
  • -Add sounds, icons, and wireframes (humans finished)
  • -Fix any animation problems
  • -Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck, and Dodge

Map Information

The current premise behind this map is to give the player the feeling that they are participating in a medieval fantasy world rather than a scifi world. Almost every unit and building within this map will eventually be using World of Warcraft models, with team colors. Some models will have to be customized to reflect Warcraft 3 units. I will likely use up all 100 mbs of my allotted space. However you will only have to download this once unless the dependencies themselves are updated. The map itself will be small.

At this time only Humans are nearing completion. There are several things I would like to hammer out with them before I move on to start the other races. Firstly I want to see how handles the use of dependencies. The current human dependency I am using is roughly 17 mb’s. Each of the other races would be similar in size.

Game play

At the start of the game each player is given a choice of which race they would like to be. Currently the only working race is Humans. You have 15 seconds to choose which race you would like to be. After the timer expires anyone who has not selected a race will be randomly selected one.

Once you have selected your race you will be given the option to select of currently up to 4 given heroes for that race. Humans have a Paladin, Ranger, Archmage, and Rogue as their current choices.

After everyone has selected a race and hero they will be randomly spawned somewhere on the map. It is then up to the player to choose where he/she goes. It is in the players best interest to capture as many Town Halls, Lumber Mills, and Silos as possible. Town Halls and Silos will provide you with unit income and supply while Town Halls and Lumber Mills serve as drop off points for Gold and Lumber. Town Halls are also used to train Peasants which mine Gold and harvest Lumber. These peasants are also used to construct other structures.

This phase of the game currently lasts 20 minutes and eventually will be adjustable by the host or vote (I haven’t decided or implemented it yet). After the first 20 minutes are up the base in the middle of the map, Honorgarde Keep, will open its gates to be conquered. At this point every player will have to compete to be the last person holding the keep when the timer runs out. Whoever accomplishes this task will be victorious.


Paladin – Strength Based (damage and spell damage increased by strength)

  • Holy Light – Heals a target for x health at the cost of x mana. Can target him/herself and can be set to auto cast.
  • Divine Shield – Protects the Paladin from all damage for x amount of seconds increasing with each level.
  • Devotion Aura – Increases the armor of nearby friendly units by x per level.
  • Resurrection – Resurrects up to x nearby friendly units.

Ranger – Agility Based (damage and spell damage increased by agility)

  • Frost Arrows – Toggle Ability that increases the damage of the Ranger by X and slows his/her target by x% for x seconds.
  • Aimed Shot – Channels a cast for x seconds and releases an aimed arrow that deals X damage and increases the damage the target takes by x% for x seconds.
  • Trueshot Aura – Increases the damage of nearby ranged units by x%.
  • Entomb – Casts a frozen arrow at a target location stunning and dealing damage up to x amount of units for x seconds.

Archmage – Intellect Based (increases damage and spell damage by intellect)

  • Blizzard – Casts an aoe at a target location dealing x damage every second over x seconds.
  • Summon Water Elemental – Summons a Water Elemental to fight by the archmages side for x seconds.
  • Brilliance Aura – Increases the mana regeneration of nearby friend units by x%.
  • Mass Teleport – Transports the Archmage and nearby friend units to a structure owned by the player.

Rogue – Agility based

  • Fan of Knives – Throws a knife at each target in range dealing damage based on the number of targets. Max damage at x units, half damage at x units, and 1/4th damage at x units.
  • Deadly Throw – Throws a poisoned dagger at the target dealing x damage, slowing them by x%, and dealing x damage over x seconds.
  • Evasion – Teaches the rogue the 5 D’s of dodge ball allowing them to dodge attacks with a x% success rate.
  • Stealth – Enables the rogue to enter stealth when he/she is not in combat or attacking. Stealth will be reapplied shortly after exiting combat. Exiting stealth will increase the rogues damage by x for x seconds.

More information about the map:

Complete guide on how to convert models like mine:

My assets page with old models:

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