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IAI Metalopolis

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Updated: Apr 8, 2011
Created: Apr 8, 2011

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Note: This project is no longer continued. Admin, if you see this, please remove this project. Thank you.

After seeing the Automaton 2000 Micro Bot, I feel I can't wait any longer to get this map out. I did not want to do so because the map is only like 1% done, but now I feel like I'm stealing some one else's idea.

What does this map do? Currently it only does a few thing, since it's only 1% done. But the aim of this map is to improve Sc2 AI, and provide an alternative game play. Which means, units will be more intelligent and behave more like trained soldiers.

Training is an important part of a warfare, because you can't expect to direct the soldiers' every move when in a war. That's why you train them beforehand, so that they would know what to do in various situations. Clearly, that is not the case in Sc2. Players have to think about and execute strategies while also control every unit's every move. The units only know how to fire their weapons, they don't know how to dodge, how to evade, how to use their abilities, and you have to tell every single one of them in real time in a war. That is simply stupid.

So, the aim of this map is to train the units using AI. To teach them what to do by building AI for them, and thus changing the game play. Players will no long have to pay attention to micro management. All you need to do is think about the strategies, and the units will micro themselves. Hopefully, this will allow players to come up with more complex strategies and making the game more intelligence challenging rather than APM challenging. Of course, this new game play is not meant to replace the blizzard one, but rather a new flavour of the game that people can choose.

Currently, only the following features are implemented and only a preview version of the map is available:

  • The 6 workers automatically gather minerals on map start
  • Base is automatically selected for players on map start
  • Marines dodge banelings
  • Build SCV is auto castable

To quickly test out the marines dodge banelings feature, make sure you have a player 2 as an opponent (can be a computer player), make sure your race is terran and your opponent's race is zerg. Then type in chat message "stim marine vs baneling". You will have marines spawned at your start location, then just order your marines to attack towards your opponents base, and make sure you DESELECT the marines. Then just watch your marines kite the banelings to death.


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