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Ikari Warriors

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Total Downloads: 676
Updated: Feb 18, 2012
Created: Nov 27, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Ikari Warriors v1.0 release 1.06 MB Feb 18, 2012 - 676 download Ikari Warriors Ikari Warriors v1.0 releaseDownload


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Ikari Warriors encyclopedia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project about?

Ikari Warriors is mainly inspired by an old video game going by the same name, originally available for Arcade, Amstrad CPC and Amiga amongst other platforms. The intent of the SC2 project is to recreate a "run and gun" shoot-em-up experience based on the main features of the original game.

Where can I download the map?

The latest map version is unavailable to download, though you can play it directly on BattleNet Europe by searching for "Ikari Warriors" in the Multiplayer – Custom Maps section. If a version is available to download at some point, you will find a link on SC2Mapster, where the project started thanks to the help of its community of mappers.

Is the map available out of the EU servers?

Right now, it's not. But it was planned right from the start, so you should expect the map to be released on the NA servers pretty soon. When I'll have found someone to take care of updates and sharing the files for me, the map will be available on both the NA and EU servers. Other servers are not planned yet, but if anyone is ready to be part of the project and wants to help sharing Ikari Warriors, feel free to contact me.

Can I be part of the team?

I don't plan on actually having a team for this project, but if things go terribly wrong and I get stuck I'll consider asking for help. However, anyone is welcome to share reviews, feedback, or report bugs in the official thread on the forums. You will also find more info on my other maps there, comments are more than welcome.

Videos and walkthroughs

Official trailer

The official trailer available on my Youtube profile is a quick overview of what you can find in Ikari Warriors v2.0.

Level 1 walkthrough

There is no walkthrough available yet for Ikari Warriors v2.0…
However, here is a video walkthrough from a previous version (in Insane single-player mode) if needed be.
Be aware that these videos may contain spoilers and won't show 100% of the experience as it is in the latest version of the map.
The level 1 boss fight is also available here:

Level 2 walkthrough

There is no walkthrough available yet for Ikari Warriors v2.0…
However, here is a video wakthrough from a previous version if needed be.
Be aware that these videos may contain spoilers and won't show 100% of the experience as it is in the latest version of the map.

Version history and features


Taken from the original game

  • 2 players co-op mode
  • projectiles fired in a straight line (ie. can miss target)
  • driveable tanks which explode (with countdown) if left or heavily damaged
  • destroyed buildings generate items
  • the whole bestiary (minus rocket launchers… for now)
  • the ability for you and the enemies to throw grenades
  • tanks crushing infantry on their way (including your hero!)

New/tweaked material

  • up to 2 levels in the same map file
  • leaderboard to show the lives and kills count of human players
  • anyone can sustain more than one hit, and you respawn at checkpoints
  • destroyed buildings can now also generate a tank, or enemies
  • some infantry is dropped by truck, enemies in level 2 mainly come from drop pods
  • size of enemy groups = difficulty level*human players (…who said size doesn't matter?)
  • you can drown in deep water ("deep" being "water over your shoulders")
  • tanks going in deep water are damaged (destroyed if going too deep)
  • you lose shield while staying in water
  • new shooting patterns (for helicopters and bunkers) and colors
  • boss fights (events depending on difficulty settings)
  • fullscreen mode
  • middle mouse to throw grenades, Delete to exit tanks
  • engine looping sounds added to vehicles
  • being hidden underwater but unable to shoot (applies to enemies too)
  • modified gameplay in co-op mode (encouraging scoring)
  • new items (including weapons and character boosts)

Coming next

  • some kind of "bot player" when playing solo
  • better projectiles collision (ie. colliding with cliffs/doodads and not disappearing under bridges)
  • drivers set on fire and running randomly when their vehicle is destroyed
  • arranged soundtrack (already included in v1.99, not released yet)
  • boss rush and other game modes

Known bugs and caveats

  • level 2 boss on Insane Mode has bugs in his shooting patterns (has been fixed in v1.97?)
  • boss icon (level 1 only?) doesn't show properly for everyone (localization issue?)
  • Big Bother shields generate error messages when teleporting (attachment issue)
  • Playing on BNet with AI seems to work as if you were playing in co-op (AI is not implemented yet, so it shouldn't)
  • Invisible walls on both sides of each level make it hard to dodge/move properly
  • ORCA can possibly be destroyed in a way that prevents I-Reboot from reaching the Assault Mammoth next
  • Player 2 may not be able to enter vehicles

How you can help

  • comments, new ideas, or suggestions for improvement
  • you can handle something from the "coming next" or the "known bugs" lists
  • you're blood-related to Chuck Norris

Version history

Version 2.03 update (02-11-2012)

  • fixed names, tooltips, and descriptions
  • added the ability for slaves to throw grenades
  • added/fixed the Tank Crush ability on a few vehicles
  • changed both preview images

Version 1.99 update (01-18-2012)

  • fixed a bug where weapons were stackable
  • fixed a bug where spawned Zerglings and Undeads were not hunting down players
  • fixed bugs with the Vehicle Drop not working when entering/leaving a vehicle or dying
  • fixed bugs in level 2 boss routines
  • fixed a bug where the oxygen bar was still displayed after dying
  • fixed a few issues with checkpoints in level 2
  • fixed an issue with some neutral units being attacked by enemies
  • fixed a bug with invisible walls still active during boss fights
  • fixed an issue where invulnerability did not prevent drowning
  • fixed an issue where weapons were not disabled when underwater
  • spawned items now have a limited life time
  • entering/leaving Archon Form now restores weapons but no longer health and shields
  • max number of creep tumors in level 2 is now 120 (previously 80)
  • enemies now have a chance to survive the destruction of their tank or bunker

Copyrights and legal issues

You can learn about me by visiting my Youtube channel.
The background music in the trailer is made by Two Steps from Hell.
Ikari Warriors original game was developed by SNK.
Starcraft 2 and BattleNet are trademarks from Blizzard Entertainment.
The Ikari Warriors map is hosted on SC2Mapster thanks to Curse.
Every custom SFX used in this project was downloaded from Freesound.

"A very big thanks goes to…"

  • TheAlmaity (helped with shooting patterns)
  • Deliverancelost (tutorial about WASD trigger-based movement)
  • BorgDragon (for his help on the underwater effects)
  • Zenx1 (for testing on BNet)
  • StragusMapster, masterxel, SouLCarveRR, A1win, Fullachain,… (answering here and there)


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