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starcraft 2 mod Infestation Survival

Infestation Survival

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Total Downloads: 1,238
Updated: Oct 7, 2011
Created: Oct 6, 2011

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Infestation Survival v.2 release 252.72 KB Oct 7, 2011 - 1,069 download Infestation Survival Infestation Survival v.2 releaseDownload
Infestation Survival release 247.53 KB Oct 6, 2011 - 169 download Infestation Survival Infestation Survival releaseDownload


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The objective of this map is to survive for 10 minutes until a dropship arrives to extract you from the infested planet of Mar Sara II.
You Play as Captain Arf, who was hunting for zerg in a mining site in Mar Sara II when the place suddenly starts flooding with the infected.
Hold off the zombies long enought to get away or die trying.

I've added a custom ability to Captain Arf ( Jim Raynor – Sniper) i call it Reinforcements and it calls down 2 war pigs for a limited time to buy you some time.
Also i added Tychus Shredder grenade under the name of "Grenades" and pulled down the damage to 40. The map is quite easy since i made the
terrain before placing spawns and such making it easy to just run away but its your choise how you play it.

This is my first map so it may not be that good, its rather small and it features

  • Infested colonists, Infested marines, Aberrations
  • Intro cinematic, Outro, Death. They're all very short but i find it better then nothing.
  • Captain Arf, my customised Jim Raynor – Sniper.

I hope you enjoy playing the map as much as i enjoyed making it, i'd also love some feedback from you players 🙂


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