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starcraft 2 mod Insectipede Invasion TD

Insectipede Invasion TD

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Total Downloads: 11,196
Updated: Jul 30, 2010
Created: Jul 24, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Insectipede Invasion TD 2.6 release 7.86 MB Jul 30, 2010 - 4,249 download Insectipede Invasion TD Insectipede Invasion TD 2.6 releaseDownload
Insectipede Invasion TD 2.1 release 7.84 MB Jul 29, 2010 - 6,947 download Insectipede Invasion TD Insectipede Invasion TD 2.1 releaseDownload



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Insectipede Invasion TD is a full-fledged tower defense game with many new innovations and twists. Insectipede Invasion TD includes:

-4 unique and individual tower builders (Ice Specialist, Flame Specialist, Decay Specialist, and Siege Specialist)

-Each Specialist constructs 4 separate and unique towers which deal with the Insectipedes in various ways.

-Creative wave composition and structure supporting multiple enemies per wave.

-Unique Insectipede units, such as: the Queen Insectipede which will heal damaged Insectipedes, various carrier insectipedes which, when killed, burst open and releases smaller insectipedes onto the field, shielded insectipedes which have low health, but quickly regenerate shields, and much more.

-Unique pathing design which allows builders to block Insectipede pathing and extend their walking duration

-5 Difficulty settings which determine the stats of the Insectipedes and the bounty amount of each Insectipede.

-Varying Insectipede spawning amounts (the more players playing the more Insectipedes spawn.

-Unique resource gathering mechanic. Will you spend your resources on additional towers or on harvesters to provide additional income which compounds later on?

-Tower upgrades including: damage, range, firing rate, weapon upgrades and more.

-Special tower abilities, such as: Overcharge (180 Second cooldown increases firing speed rate x3 for a duration)

-Customized UI boss encounters every 10 waves.

-Battle Tiers which contain 20 waves each. Each new Tier provides additional supply for creating more harvestors and implements stronger and faster Insectipedes.

4 player online coop

-And much more


Flame specialist – Specializes in constructing AOE (area of effect) towers.

Towers include: Flame Tower, Dragon Tower, Psionic Laser Tower, and Inferno Wave Tower

Ice Specialist – Specializes in constructing towers which slow enemy movement speed.

Towers include: Ice Tower, Snap Freeze Tower, Glacial Beam Tower, and Sub-Zero Tower

Decay Specialist – Specializes in constructing DOT and armor piercing towers.

Towers include: Venom Tower, Stinger Tower, Swarming Tower, and Devilry Spine Tower

Siege Specialist – Specializes in constructing long range towers which can attack across the map.

Towers include: .50 Cal Turret, Missile Launcher, Barbed Torpedo Tower, and Tactical Nuke Tower

More plans on the way! ======

-additional battle tiers

-additional boss encounters

-additional tower specialists

-additional Insectipede classes

Current Version: 3.02

On now! go give it a try. Or try single player by downloading the client version here. Let me know what you think. And as always, please feel free to leave suggestions you might have.


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