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Installation Demo

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Updated: May 11, 2017
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Where it started

About 2 years ago, I decided to push towards researching what made installation missions in brood war so great. Even today, I still believe the mission "Patriot's Blood" from brood war is still the best installation mission ever made. In my opinion, it's the best campaign mission from starcraft 1 as a whole that was ever made. That's my opinion, of course, but that's where my drive came from. For about 2 weeks, I conducted intense research on brood war installation missions. I played the maps, watched videos of others playing the maps, and I built my own missions in both brood war and starcraft 2 to try and find what made installation missions click. Over time, I've put what I've learned to use and this demo is my latest creation. I hope this is helpful for those looking to build their own installation missions.



This is part of a guide I wrote on how to build installation missions.

Here's a link to the guide: Installation Mission Guide



Take command of a squad of UED marines as they evacuate a mysterious space station. This map hopefully demonstrates some aspects of Installation design such as events that drive the player through the mission and keep them engaged, terrain that feels similar to the brood war style, and tactical points where small decisions matter. Nothing to special in the triggers section, but if you'd like to see the way I tried to keep my triggers clean, you can check out the entering regions trigger. Note that this is a proof of concept and the quality may not be top notch. I also recommend checking out the guide if you're lost and don't understand the point of the map.


Hopefully you enjoy the map. Leave feedback on either this demo or the guide. Either way, thanks for checking this out.


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