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starcraft 2 mod Kerrigan Survival

Kerrigan Survival

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Updated: Apr 6, 2017
Created: Apr 6, 2017

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Blue –  Pertains to builders

Red – Pertains to Zerg


Two Zerg players, one on Offense one on Defense team up to hunt down 10 Builders and Support.

Overview, Builders must play aggressively to win, You cannot reliable wall off your base and hide behind it all game. You must be active and play intelligently to win.



  • All players generate mineral income per 3 seconds. Buildings can be constructed and upgraded to increase the income. Each Builder has a different income structure/method
  • Builder upgrades for units go to 3 attack and 3 defense. Each upgrade increases the potency of their units.
  • Builders Must kill the zerg team before all builders die. Game ends when builders or Kerrigan die. If only supports are left alive Zerg still wins.
  • Limited Vision
    • Players and zerg must both deal with limited vision radius
  • Gas is gained by killing the enemy team's units and structures. This is true for both builders and zerg. Gas is used to increase the income output of builder's structures and to research certain tech.
  • Both zerg players receive gas for each unit's bounty. 
  • Zerg players share upgrades, but must individually build tech structures to spawn certain units
  • Zerg players can spawn units based on a mineral cost
  • Zerglings will spawn every 3 seconds from the center of the map and randomly run through the map attacking any builder it comes in contact with
  • Zerglings have a default vision radius of 0





Offense Zerg:

Kerrigan – Melee range – no AA


  • AOE Psi Storm(zerg)
  • Global Unit Teleport
  • AOE unit Speed increase aka bloodlust
  • Scan
  • Fungal Growth

Dehaka – Melee Ground – Range AA


  • Cloak(increase movement)
  • Abduct
  • Scan

Defense Zerg: 

Zagara – Range – Moves Slow off Creep


Spawn Creep Tumor( Creep tumors give zerg vision ) 

Global Teleport(On creep only)


Spawn special unit: Only Zagara can produce overseers, which can be sent around the map to scout for builder's bases.



Scientist: Bio army with Hero Units. Income ticker every 3 seconds that is upgradable and output increases with chrono


Artanis: Hero builder that relies heavily on micromanagement and simultaneously supports allies with cloaking. Income is generated from units built from nexus. 


Ascendant: Income ticking structure every 3 seconds. Moves slowly, but has 5 charges of blink, which recharges. Can spawn a cloud, which cloaks all units and structures in a radius beneath it. Only Overseers, Zerg scan, and the primary Zerg heroes themselves have detection. Can produce flying units and Hybrid, ground units


Spirit: Fast moving attacking tower builder. Income is gained through a bank (deposits increase the amount of minerals every 15 seconds based on interest) or stock markets (at the cost of gas minerals are deposited and the amount in the market randomly fluctuates) Can only attack through towers. Towers are upgradable


Nomad: Mobile expendable army, must play aggressive as income structures are tied heavily to gas gain.


Ares: Large harvesting stations that when populated by Income generating works produces minerals on ticks of 3 seconds. Ares is a flying transport that cannot be hit in melee combat. Terran Mech Army


Engineer: The reaper unit type, which enables to traverse up cliffsides. Produces large amounts of income ticking structures, that can be relocated if discovered. can produce flying units, and ground units



Support (Up to 3 builders may pick support per game)


Dark Templar: Permanently cloaked, gains income by building structures that increase the amount of gas and minerals gained per zerg unit/structure killed. Can upgrade tech that allows pylons to produce cloaking field(for other builders)


Prophet: Has a variety of wards that help support other players, vision wards, explosive wards, chrono wards, stasis wards. Income is produced from income wards that must be placed around allied builder structures. Can wall off builders with cloaked structures 


Stukov: Large Disposable Army, income is gained from building structures that increase the amount of minerals gained when spawning infested units.


Nova & Tosh: Two controllable hero units that gain income from a slow ticking structure that increases minerals per 3 seconds. Another structure gives off gas when tosh or nova kill zerg units within a large radius around the structure. When Nova/Tosh gain gas, they can spend it to upgrade their shared stats. Damage/Range/MovementSpeed/Health/Energy/AtkSpeed. 



Additional Info


This version contains a working ranking system. Winrate estimation calculations and Leaderboard. A -balance command that players can use in game to see the winrate of all Roles. As this is a previous version, data is not consistent with that on the arcade. 


If you have concerns about load-time for any game that you make and using this as a framework, it is reccomended that you remove the leaderboard or reduce its size as it causes considerable loadtime for individual players without powerful machines or with laggy connections.


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