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starcraft 2 mod Korhal’s Aftermath

Korhal’s Aftermath

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Total Downloads: 583
Updated: May 10, 2015
Created: Apr 20, 2015

Earlier Versions

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Korhal's Aftermath v0.7 beta 860.54 KB May 10, 2015 - 274 download Korhal’s Aftermath Korhal's Aftermath v0.7 betaDownload
Korhal's Aftermath v0.6 beta 861.12 KB May 6, 2015 - 104 download Korhal’s Aftermath Korhal's Aftermath v0.6 betaDownload
Korhal's Aftermath v0.5 beta 982.89 KB Apr 26, 2015 - 116 download Korhal’s Aftermath Korhal's Aftermath v0.5 betaDownload
Korhal's Aftermath v0.4 beta 1.18 MB Apr 20, 2015 - 89 download Korhal’s Aftermath Korhal's Aftermath v0.4 betaDownload


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This is the first map I have uploaded. It is set on Korhal IV, specifically in the Korhal Wastes just bordering a major city. The Queen of Blades has finished her invasion of Korhal and now it is left in ruin, with few people still on the surface.
Keep in mind that this is still in its development stages. It has only been uploaded to the North American servers.

The center is large and open, and the rush distance between bases is relatively short. However a Xel'naga Tower (conveniently) overlooks the entire center area, revealing the major entrances to the six major sections of the map.

The natural is easy to defend, however a small, thin pathway connects it to an open section of the map. It is however blocked by destructible rocks/debris, so ambushes through this path are not immediately viable. Unfortunately said pathways also have line-of-sight blockers, so an ambush cannot be easily scouted.

The main has two entrances – one of them leads to the third, and is blocked by destructible rocks. However, this entrance begins at a high level of terrain, and slowly leads down to ground level. The destructible rocks are between this elevated terrain and ground level, so a unit or building will have to be on the elevated terrain in order to keep sight of the destructible rocks.

Two very open bases contain three vespene geysers each, and so are highly useful in the late game. There are three paths each that lead into said bases, and only one path each is close enough for its choke point to be taken advantage of in a defense.

Overall there are 10 bases:

  • 6 bases with 8 minerals and 2 geysers each
  • 2 bases with 7 minerals and 2 geysers each
  • 2 bases with 6 minerals and 3 geysers each
    There's also one Xel'naga Tower.

This map, at least in the early stage it's in, is not meant to be very balanced for competitive play. I wanted more to experiment and create an interesting layout…I'll be honest, I probably don't know enough about making maps balanced for all races. I also wanted to make the map seem organic, with as little visual symmetry as possible. The map's set in a natural area, so completely symmetrical terrain would look unnatural.


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