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starcraft 2 mod Life as a Reaper

Life as a Reaper

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Total Downloads: 642
Updated: May 8, 2010
Created: May 8, 2010

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Life as a Reaper beta 131.80 KB May 8, 2010 - 642 download Life as a Reaper Life as a Reaper betaDownload



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Ever wonder what life as a Reaper was like all thrills jumping up and down cliffs, well now you can find out for yourself in this platformer. Move with A and D jump with U, shoot with left click and hold for a charged attack.

This is still a work in progress though and if I don't get any support I'm dropping it 😛

If I continue I'll obviously make level larger and some bosses, and some extra charged shots and maybe an attack with right click as well. Different types of enemies and such.

With the jumping it depends on your velocity going in a direction how you will jump.


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