StarCraft 2 LordAbyss Trigger Specials 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod LordAbyss Trigger Specials

LordAbyss Trigger Specials

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Total Downloads: 250
Updated: Nov 9, 2010
Created: Nov 9, 2010

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Initial Version release 211.96 KB Nov 9, 2010 - 250 download LordAbyss Trigger Specials Initial Version releaseDownload



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This will be my compiled map of everything I may create in triggers or in the data editor.


int gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayer (int lp_player);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerGreater (int lp_player, int lp_units);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerGreaterOrEqual (int lp_player, int lp_units);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerLess (int lp_player, int lp_units);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerLessOrEqual (int lp_player, int lp_units);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerEqual (int lp_player, int lp_units);
bool gf_NumberOfUnitsOwnedByPlayerNotEqual (int lp_player, int lp_units);


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