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Updated: Jun 29, 2010
Created: Jun 29, 2010

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The Island from ABC's LOST. I believe that it's the first attempt out there, and this is also my first project in the editor. The map has two start locations so it loads in-game, and you may load it in the editor and do whatever you want with it, as long as you leave the lines on the loading screen giving me credit for the terrain, as I've requested.

I am releasing this for anyone to use and modify for any kind of project they would like. I started by making a grid of the island in Paint.NET (one of the best free paint programs out there for windows) and then started cutting away and building on terrain. The outer edge of the island terrain should be to scale, or very very close.

The decorations, doodads, and textures are placed by hand (essentially everything that's not the coastline) and probably aren't in their exact locations. Feel free to change them around.

I thought about what I might do with this map and don't feel that I'm yet skilled enough with the editor to make a proper RPG, and I don't feel that the map would make a good balanced melee map. Soo…. if you like it, make your own! 🙂 Please leave links to your projects in my comments! I will add them to the description, here.

I may find myself working on and updating this map here and there, adding doodads, textures and terrain features, or eventually find myself making some kind of RPG. Keep an eye out.


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