StarCraft 2 Meinhoff II 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Meinhoff II

Meinhoff II

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Total Downloads: 1,416
Updated: May 11, 2011
Created: May 11, 2011

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Meinhoff II release 1.04 MB May 11, 2011 - 1,416 download Meinhoff II Meinhoff II releaseDownload



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Alot of space to bulid anything. There are 2 small island expos with 7 minerals with 4 Vespene Geyser, 2 Big island expos, 5 Xel“Naga Towers, 15 Expos for you and your ai`s to mine, 1 sneak in to the enemy base with rock to destory.


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