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starcraft 2 mod Micro Run v2

Micro Run v2

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Total Downloads: 1,355
Updated: Apr 27, 2010
Created: Apr 27, 2010

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Micro Run v2 beta 1.03 MB Apr 27, 2010 - 1,355 download Micro Run v2 Micro Run v2 betaDownload


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MicroRun v2:

– 2 Player Map (You can play it solo too)

The goal is to reach the Altar of Aiur at the End of the map first, before your opponent does.
To reach it, you have to go through 3 Stages with 3 Levels per Stage. After every Level you gain some special Units, which you need to Micro your way through the AI controlled Forces. Only with good Micro skills you will be able to have more Units left at the end, and be faster than your Opponent.


Drag'n'Drop the File on your Starcraft2.exe to play it solo 🙂

If you find any Bugs, please contact me. (Icq 283608550, Ingame: Kharan.eyes)

HF 🙂


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