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starcraft 2 mod Mineral Walk

Mineral Walk

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Updated: Feb 2, 2012
Created: Feb 2, 2012

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Re-imagining of my StarCraft 1 melee map (circa 2005 at the latest) in which there is a pretty long distance to travel for mining, except as a 2v2 map. This requires players to modify their timing and possibly build order. As players break through their outer minerals, they have to destroy debris (which was placed to prevent unlucky MULE drops) within the mineral area. Micromanaging your workers can help you much more quickly break through to the rich mineral storage units at the center of the map. Air units cannot enter the center of the map because the minerals are nigh-impossible to defend. Additionally, the expansion on each side of the map is hard to obtain early and is defended by a hostile turret on each side. For this map, the searchlight was repurposed to act like a Xel'Naga Tower.

Published on NA.


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