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starcraft 2 mod Mineral Wars

Mineral Wars

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Updated: Mar 26, 2013
Created: Mar 26, 2013

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Will you be the first to reach the ancient fortress hidden within the heart of the jungle? Will you claim for yourself the vast riches within? Beware gigantic colossi still guard the ruins and immortals roam the swamp. Oh…and did I mention the other two players struggling desperately for the same thing?

3-Player Free For All

– Gatherers move and harvest twice as fast! Get to those distant minerals quicker.
– All builders have access a Sensor Tower with vastly extended visual range.
– All units have zero upkeep! Create EPIC armies.
– Mineral and gas deposits are virtually unlimited but are very scarce outside the fortress.
– Mountains separating the three players are a "No Fly" zone.
– Capture the fortress and stage an impenetrable defense in order to collect resources quick enough to overwhelm your opponents with a massive attack.


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