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starcraft 2 mod Monitoring Station

Monitoring Station

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Total Downloads: 433
Updated: Aug 4, 2010
Created: Aug 4, 2010

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Monitoring Station:
4-player 1on1 map
Playable 125 x 138
Full 144 x 168
The lay out is simple. I was thinking of a certain island tournament map from a Browder game and just ran with it. Clean and simple, except for the middle. It's large, contains big ramps, and has chokes but doesn't cut you off because you may travel the diagonals.
The natural has two ways in. Each way also leads to an expo in case you find someone at the wrong door step you can just pick the other expo.

Angled Overview:

Change Log:
Props added to map -> ready to play test -> added to Bnet NA
Ver.02 (8/1/2010)
Additional Props added to the map for immersion and theme.
Most High cliffs removed from edges of the map
Nat ramps remade.
New textures added/blended
Left and Right 3rd narrowed based upon feedback.
Playable map bounds made slightly smaller

Map is on B-net NA


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