StarCraft 2 Orpheon (Deck Gamma) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Orpheon (Deck Gamma)

Orpheon (Deck Gamma)

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Total Downloads: 156
Updated: Dec 17, 2014
Created: Dec 17, 2014

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Orpheon (Deck Gamma) release 17.29 MB Dec 17, 2014 - 156 download Orpheon (Deck Gamma) Orpheon (Deck Gamma) releaseDownload



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This is the third and final part of my recreation of the prologue of Metroid Prime, reuploaded in honor of the 10th anniversary of me playing it. And yes, it features the Parasite Queen. The queen is a giant Zergling with a laser weapon from the colossus to emulate the queen's energy weapon. I used a Zergling because it looks a lot like the Queen when blown up to about 12 times it's normal size. And of course the damage of the colossus weapon has been MAJORLY toned down, otherwise you'd be dead in two seconds flat. So tell me what you think and enjoy!



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