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Total Downloads: 1,370
Updated: Oct 1, 2010
Created: Sep 9, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Outranged Beta 0.7 beta 8.65 MB Oct 1, 2010 - 241 download Outranged Outranged Beta 0.7 betaDownload
Outranged Alpha 0.5 alpha 7.51 MB Sep 15, 2010 - 128 download Outranged Outranged Alpha 0.5 alphaDownload
Outranged Alpha 0.2 alpha 7.50 MB Sep 9, 2010 - 1,001 download Outranged Outranged Alpha 0.2 alphaDownload



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OUTRANGED is a competitive 1v1 modification for StarCraft II.

Your goal is to defeat all enemy units with clever use of the three unit types and breeding at pools. Each unit has its own movement speed and attack range, so you have to combine their power and use them efficiently.

Visit our YouTube Channel ( for introduction videos (more coming in the next days/weeks)!


1.) Your goal is to eliminate all enemy units.

2.) There are 3 types of units: Scouts, Melees and Rangers (S,M,R).

2a.) SCOUTs are fast and can see far but have no attack.

2b.) MELEEs have a strong melee attack but die quickly and are blind, i.e. they can only attack what SCOUTs see!

2c.) RANGERs are slow, durable and have a very long ranged attack but are blind and can not attack in a shorter range. Like MELEEs, they are blind.

3a.) Use SCOUTs around your RANGERs to enable their long-ranged attack.

3b.) Use MELEES to try and get in close range with Melees where they are helpless. But look out for SCOUTs that support RANGERs!

4.) PONTs are neutral buildings that enable you to get new units.

4a.) Move a unit into a PONT to automatically start hatching a new one. Defend the PONT until hatching is finished.

4b.) PONTs can be of three different types (S,M,R). Only units of a different type than the PONT can create new ones in it. The resulting unit is of the third type that remains. (S-unit + M-pont => R-unit etc.) Ponts change their type to the unit that last hatched a new unit in it. So the types of Ponts on the map tend to shift around as the game continues.


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