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Polaris Wildlands

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Updated: Apr 15, 2013
Created: Apr 15, 2013

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The Polaris Wildlands feature a bright landscape that alternates between a gloomy jungle and the barren rocky wastes.
Some evidence of civilization can be found around the map indicating some non-indiginous creatures were present. The question more so is: what has become of them.

Map description:
This is a large 1v1 map where each player starts in a main base location of quite the size. The main stretches directly to a semi-expansion that features just over half the usual amount of resources. When you walk down the ramp you find another expansion near a large ramp that is the most important entrance to your base. Over to the sides of the map you find more expansions. One would do good to keep an observant eye out for the bridges that are around because these allow your enemy to sneak in an army where you might not expect it.

I hope you'll enjoy this map if you duke it out with some friends.

Note: Excuse me. I had wrongfully said it was a 2v2. I corrected this since it's a 1v1


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