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starcraft 2 mod Quattrocity


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Total Downloads: 1,038
Updated: Aug 8, 2010
Created: Aug 7, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Quattrocity v0.5 release 593.94 KB Aug 8, 2010 - 759 download Quattrocity Quattrocity v0.5 releaseDownload
Quattrocity v0.4 release 595.10 KB Aug 7, 2010 - 279 download Quattrocity Quattrocity v0.4 releaseDownload



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The layout is like the standardmap Metalopolis from Blizzard. I tried the best to make a map with a similiar layout.
The Map is totally even (just some doodads here and there) and devided into 4 spawnpoints. Map is for 1v1, 2v2 or free for all.
If u find any bugs or the gameplay is not quiet good please let me know. (use the commentsection below)

At the moment it is version 0.5. If i find some issues or u report some, i will update the map.


  • reworked the choke of the main to make it easier for toss and terran to make it close
  • fixed a view issue with the hidden bushes that allows the player to see a bit behind it
  • fixed a glitch when a coloss gets near to the upper cliff at the xel'naga watchtower
  • fixed an issue that allows to build any building a bit in the choke
  • added an extra light to the xel'naga watchtower
  • some doodadwork after changing the chokes of the main


  • playable size was reduced
  • added some doodads at the cliffs


  • deleted some ligthning witch cause heavy fps problems at the goldexpansion and the natural
  • added some sparks on the mapground
  • added some basic lightsources for some doodads that don't cast their own lightning


  • deleted some fog
  • added some more details on the ground


  • first try to upload it on b-net

(Map is made by myself, my normal nickname is Sloke but here I'm Tamarsaxe)


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