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starcraft 2 mod Remnant


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Updated: Aug 4, 2010
Created: Aug 4, 2010

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Remnant beta 313.22 KB Aug 4, 2010 - 373 download Remnant Remnant betaDownload



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This is my first attempt at… well, really, my first attempt at anything with the map editor. It's a 1v1 map, I'm aiming for it being symmetrical and balanced. Still pretty new at this, so I would love any and all comments any of you guys can toss my way on map balance, just generic map creation tips, etc.

Also, I tried running this through the SC2 Map Analyzer Tool by Dim Fish and I couldn't get it to work, kept getting a 'unsupported file type' error. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong there?


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