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Updated: Aug 10, 2010
Created: Aug 10, 2010

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Restaras is designed for 1v1 competitive play where two opposing players fight over the same middle resource control point. It is made to be a claustrophobic/early rush game map due to the size and orientation of the map. Any feedback would be much appreciated and can be sent to .


– Minor typos fixed.

– Changed fog of war to Grey instead of Black by request.

– Minor Texturing adjustments
– Minor placement adjustments of starting posistion.
– Minor map boundry expansion to allow for freedom of movement near the tops and bottoms of the map as originally intended.
– Minor Look and Feel changes.

– Doodads added for look and feel.
– Minor ramp adjustments to allow for early game blocking of rushes.
– Placement of resources in middle changed to force players to setup their Nexus, Command Center, or Hatchery directly in the middle forcing players to fight over it or advance to move the pace of the game quicker than it normally would.


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