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Riley’s Micro Olympics

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Updated: May 17, 2010
Created: May 16, 2010

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This map consists of several minigames, each designed to train specific Starcraft 2 micro skills. You can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal in each scenario, and your high score and progress is saved. There are currently four scenarios, with more on the way:

Watch the trailer here.

Stalker Skirmish
You're given a force of 8 stalkers with which to defeat 13 roaches. This scenario tests your ability to focus fire, kite, and blink out of harm's way.

Baneling Breakout
Your force of 4 marines must survive against a horde of banelings. They start slowly but the rate at which they spawn speeds up over time. This scenario tests your ability to quickly react to danger from all sides, accurately control the movement of your units, move while shooting, and use stim defensively.

Forcefield Frenzy
You have a lone colossus (with upgraded range) and a small army of sentries to hold off swarms of hydralisks on an island with four bridges. This scenario tests your ability to effectively place forcefields, micro colossi for maximum damage, and manage multiple fronts at the same time.

Sniper School
Your three ghosts are tasked with killing as many protoss units as possible as they run by. This scenario tests your mouse accuracy, ability to pick out important targets in large crowds, ability to aim EMPs, ability to manage multiple casters at the same time, and ability to observe Dark Templars without detection and use EMP to reveal them.


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